How Koloden Works

  • On a daily basis, Koloden automatically obtains certain and current trademark registration data from juristic database, such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Periodically, content owners and other third-parties provide certain visual content to Koloden.
  • This specific trademark data and visual content are maintained in separate, proprietary databases within Koloden’s secure servers.
(C) 2020 AU LLC Koloden
  • User allows Koloden to obtain, via marketplace platform API, user listing data including listing titles, descriptions, and visual content.
  • Using proprietary natural language processing (NLP), the Koloden Engine compares user listing textual content against the Koloden Registry.
  • Using visual search technology, including proprietary models, the Koloden engine compares user listing visual content against the Koloden Registry.
(C) AU LLC Koloden
  • After daily processing, the Koloden Engine reports provides results to the user via the dashboard.
  • Flagged literal elements of user listing textual content is ranked.
  • User listing visual content may be flagged as a result of (i) matching images within the Koloden registry or (ii) trademarks being identified with images.
  • Flagged elements above a confidence threshold are provided to the user for consideration.
(C) AU LLC Koloden

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