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Upon establishing an account, you can set up of your payment information and integrate your marketplace stores into Koloden by providing marketplace keys into your user dashboard.

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How to Obtain Keys?

See for each merchant

Step 1: Setup API credentials

  • If you already have a wish account please login to your Wish store else register using the URL ( ).
  • After logging in your Wish account click the Settings sub menu specified in Account menu at top right.
  • In the settings page displayed, click API Settings in left nav.
  • There you can enter your App Name and specify Redirect URI as “” and click Create App button.
  • In the popup displayed click Confirm button. A page will be displayed where you can view your App Name, Client Id, Client Secret and Redirect URI.

  • Please note down Client Id and Client Secret for future reference.
  • Now to add products, click Add New Product sub menu in Products menu at top left.
  • Then click Manual or Product CSV File option to add product.
  • In Add Products page specify your product information and images.
  • You can view your products added by clicking View All Products sub menu in Products menu at top left.

Step 2: Connect to Koloden

  • If you already have an account in koloden please login, if not register using the URL ( ).
  • After successful login, in My Account page ( click My Stores link specified in left nav.
  • In the page displayed click the Add Store button corresponding to

  • In the page displayed enter the Store name, Client id and Secret key (which is displayed in your account API Settings page) and click Submit button.
  • A page will be displayed requesting for permission. Click Confirm button on the page and on the confirm popup displayed.
  • You will be redirected to koloden page after successful store addition.
  • Within 24 hours your products from the wish store will be displayed on koloden website.

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