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Choosing a memorable and acceptable business name is the first step in registering a business and one of the biggest threats to a business is copying someone else’s established name in the same type of trade. Business name should be easy to remember that can make the company a household brand; else a vague name can move the business to failure. Therefore, it is important to select the business name considering various factors in mind.

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What is Koloden?

Koloden is a unique, real time search engine for business registrations and trade names helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses at an affordable cost. It is used to check whether a specific business name is already registered or not.

A business owner can access this combined data to choose the right identity for his new enterprise. It allows to quickly search through millions of corporates and business listings. It also allows you to export your search result and track your search history.

How can Koloden Help?

Koloden helps in:

  • Locating defended business for service of process.
  • Performing due diligence before the business owner makes a lending or purchase decision.
  • Conducting trademark clearance searches to determine which trademarks under construction are not available for adoption.
  • Keeping a check about company names which include words like insurance, mutual fund, bank, asset management, stock exchange, venture capital or other financial activity should get an approval from regulatory bodies.
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